Soft Pink Foil-Ringed Octopus (6-inch) Stuffed Animal, Toy | Adopt an Octopus

Soft Pink Foil-Ringed Octopus (6-inch) Stuffed Animal, Toy | Adopt an Octopus

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Some might nickname this beauty the "SparkleSquish," but one thing is for sure, this isn't just any octopus – it's like the superstar of the sea with its deep pink 'hairdo and sparkly foil rings that catch the light like a disco ball.

This Octo is made with the softest fabric this side of the ocean, it's perfect for snuggles and giggles. You can name yours Glitterpus or PinkyTwirls-- but no matter what nickname you choose, this plush pal is ready to add some fun and a whole lot of sparkle to your day! 🌟🐙💖

Key Features:

  • Size and Texture: This 6-inch plush octopus boasts a beautiful pink hue, with a lighter shade underneath, made with super soft fabric. 

  • Unique Design: Standout features include a shiny foil pattern with shimmering silvery rings and two watchful eyes on its head! 

  • Stuffed for Comfort: Expertly balanced with firmness for standing and softness for cuddles-- it's filled with 100% recycled water bottles. 

  • Educational Aspect: Reflecting Wild Republic's dedication to nature, this octopus teaches about marine life and the importance of conservation by being anatomically correct! 8 arms, mantle, 2 bulbous eyes, arm crown, galore. 


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