Meet the Team

Conservation and education is a collaborative effort. Meet the team that helps make the OctoNation site a reality. 


photo of warren carlyle octonation the largest octopus fan club founder

Warren is the Founder & CEO of OctoNation, a nonprofit organization works to inspire wonder of the ocean by teaching the world about octopuses. As a professional community building strategist, Warren has built relationships with underwater photographers, artists, scientists, and aquarists to achieve this mission.

He has created a community where people can interact, learn and be enamored by the ocean through the lens of the octopus. Jacque Cousteau said it best, “People protect what they love.” OctoNation’s 450,000+ members wholeheartedly agree! Consider supporting and getting involved today!


Chelsea (Octo Girl) is based out of South Florida where she spends her time under the sea in octopuses’ gardens. She received her PhD from Florida Atlantic University and is currently involved in research studying octopus’ microbiology and behavior.

Chelsea uses underwater photo and videography to share her research and show her passion for octopuses and marine conservation. She’s bringing the cephalopod knowledge. Get ready, Nation! |


Chris Adams Portrait

Chris Adams is an illustrator and designer with a passion for art and education. He inspires others to think about the ocean by creating whimsical characters that show off the amazing and unique nature of the octopus.

Chris also brings us his design expertise with over 10 years of experience working with brands like PatrónAmerican Express, Coca-Cola and Disney. He thrives on creating unique experiences, focusing on clear strategies paired with modern design. He created the new visual identity for OctoNation and continues to help us improve our look across all that we do, pushing us forward and creating new opportunities to help fuel our mission. |


Profile picture of a woman
Judy York is an educator veteran with 28 years of experience in teaching science. She has 11 years of classroom 6-12 student instruction and 17 years of experience in developing professional learning opportunities for PreK-12 teachers and administrators. She works as a science specialist with Education Service Center Region 12, a nonprofit service organization devoted to supporting educators and school personnel in their efforts to improve student outcomes.


Marie Clyatt-Larson is a certified teacher with 12 years of classroom experience, with 1st-8th grades. While primarily a science teacher, she is also an endorsed master reading teacher. Marie has been an active leading member of the Texas Regional Collaborative, mentoring science teachers. In addition to her time in the formal classroom, Marie has written and designed curriculum for the Cincinnati Museum Center children’s programs and BRIC’s microgravity educational outreach program.


Jeanine Wolf is a retired science education specialist with 30 years of experience. A strong believer in integrated educational experiences, Jeanine writes lessons that include technology, reading, writing, math, social studies, and science for students in 3rd – 12th grades.


Jesselynn Back has a BA in Strategic Communication from Washington State University. She founded Mad Conscious Media to develop her portfolio and hone in her skills in the marketing, social media, and content creation areas of her job. She currently works with clients developing social media strategies and creating new and exciting content that stands out. Understanding branding across platforms is integral for success in the digital age and helping clients achieve their goals is what Mad Conscious Media is all about.