Baby Cephalopod Sticker Pack (8)

Baby Cephalopod Sticker Pack (8)

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Awe! Look at these squishy babies!

These bright-eyed cephalopods will make a great addition or start to your sticker collection!

Art by: @Super.Octopus 

Here's what's included!

Octopus (Octopoda) 
Size: 3" x 2.35"

Cuttlefish (Sepiida)
Size: 3" x 1.8"

Dumbo (Grimpoteuthis)
Size: 2.18" x 3"

Ram’s horn Squid (Spirula spirula)
Size: 3" x 2.01"

Vampire Squid (Vampyroteuthis)
Size: 3" x 2.24"

Squid (Decabrachia)
Size: 3" x 1.7"

Nautilus (Nautilidae)
Size: 3" x 2.56"

Paper Nautilus (Argonauta)
Size: 3" x 2.46"

100% of the profit from your purchase will go to OctoNation's 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and be put in use immediately to continue our mission of inspiring wonder of the ocean by educating the world about octopuses. Thank you for your support Nation! 

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