7 Magnet Pack: The OctoBaristas! Octopus Making Coffe / Tea, Octopus Fridge Magnet, Car Magnet

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7 Magnet Pack: The OctoBaristas! Octopus Making Coffee / Tea

The Octo Baristas are all together! Grab these super durable and water-resistant Octopus Magnets for the octopus/coffee fan in your life!

Some Ideas for the Magnets: 

• Fridge
• Car
• School Locker 
• File cabinet
• Tool Box 
• Work Bench
• Front door
• Magnetic dry erase board
• Washer/dryer
• and more! 

Latte Luna is our magnificent Blue-Ringed Octopus.
Luna is small but mighty and everyone knows that she is in charge. You don’t mess with Luna but more importantly, you don’t mess with her friends.

Cocoa Callisto is an Atlantic White-Spotted Octopus.
She’s definitely the friendliest and welcoming of all the baristas. Other than chocolate and marshmallows, she enjoys peppermint in her coffee and snowflakes on her mugs, even though she’s never seen snow. She won’t let you leave without trying her famous cookies, on the house of course.

French Press Freddie is a Common Octopus.
Freddie is not basic but he’s also not fancy. He likes his French press and that’s as far as his morning routine goes. Simple and easy is the way of life for Freddie. He tends not to get caught up in complicated things but instead, he prefers to focus on the things that make him happy like, coffee, crabs, and conversation.

Pour Over Penny is a Sand Octopus.
She’s a simple octopus with simple, but specific tastes. It’s pour-over or nothing with Penny. Not much for confrontation, although quite opinionated, she knows how to make a quick exit. You ask can her about pretty much anything and she’ll have a pointed opinion for ya.

Flat White Finn is a Coconut Octopus
The newbie of the bunch, and a bit of a perfectionist. He’s also into making pottery. This sandcastle mug is one of his best, so he likes to serve clients their drinks in it whenever he can. He’s humble though, never tells them he made it, just enjoys the kind words people have to say about it.

Quad Shot Quinn our Gloomy Octopus.
He’s a tad mysterious and always tired because he plays a lot of video games, not just because he likes them, but he streams them to raise money for charities he cares about. He’s a bit awkward in person and never really knew how to make friends but always loved video games, turns out he’s pretty good. He still works as a barista to help him get out of his comfort zone and learn how to be a bit less awkward.

Teatime Tina is a Giant Pacific Octopus and she’s here for you. Whenever you need to catch up on the latest gossip, just pop on in the shop and get yourself a cup of tea.


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