Octopus Wizard | OctoNation, Octopus Sticker Club

Octopus Wizard | OctoNation, Octopus Sticker Club

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Size: 2.6" wide x 3" tall

This isn't just any octopus; it's an enchanting cephalopod wizard, masterfully wielding the legendary Staff of Avalon. 🐙🪄 

Imagine 8 arms, each brimming with mystical prowess, clutching Merlin's most potent relic. Designed to channel the vast arcane energies of the cosmos, this staff has seen galaxies far beyond our own.

Our wizard, draped in a mysterious black cape, is caught mid-spell, weaving magic that could turn the tide of fate itself.

This sticker has a fun matte mirror effect that reflects/glows green! 

Add a touch of the extraordinary to your world with this sticker – where fantasy meets fun in an ocean of stars!"

Your Donation goes to OctoNation's 501c3 Nonprofit Organization to keep inspiring wonder of our oceans by educating the world about octopuses

Illustration by Christopher Adams 

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