Blue Ring Octopus Stuffed Animal Plushie (14 inches/35cm)

Blue Ring Octopus Stuffed Animal Plushie (14 inches/35cm)

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This Blue-Ringed Octopus Plushie is perfect for octopus fans of all ages! Inspired by the real-life Greater Blue-Ringed Octopus, known for its striking blue rings and powerful venom, this plushie is a safe, eco-friendly & super cuddly companion! 

Product Features:

  • Durable & Long-Lasting: Just like its real counterpart, which can live up to two years, our plushie promises endless joy with durable stitching for both indoor and outdoor play.

  • Realistic Design: Featuring eight flexible arms, big eyes, and a vibrant yellow and blue pattern, this plushie stands out! 

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled water bottles, this plushie combines fun with Earth-sustaining practices.

Fun Facts:

  • Warning Colors: The real blue-ringed octopus flashes bright blue rings when threatened. Our plushie captures this unique feature in a safe, huggable form! 

  • Size & Habitat: Naturally measuring 9 inches long (this plush is 14 inches), these octopuses are found in shallow reefs and seagrass beds in the Southwest Pacific and eastern Indian Oceans.

  • Diet: In the wild, they eat crustaceans, but your plushie octopus thrives on hugs and playtime.

Bring home the Blue-Ringed Octopus Plushie today. It’s perfect for learning and play!

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